eSusFarm; building highways for smallholder farmers to engage

We Back Agripreneurs
We Back Agripreneurs
eSusFarm; building highways for smallholder farmers to engage

eSusFarm  is an agri-fintech solution that specializes in tracking and providing advanced agricultural statistical data to smallholder farmers and the entire agri-value chain for the purpose of increasing agricultural productivity, smallholder market and credit access, and the overall efficiency of the agri-value chain.

In this week’s episode. The founder of this award winning solution Watson Matsa outlines how they engage with clients and farmers on the ground, and how they narrow the financial inclusion chasm that seems to limit the aspirations of smallholder farmers.

They aim to optimise the efficiency of farmer support organisations across the continent, to play their part in improving the lot of over 100 million farmers.

For anyone who would like to engage, you can have a look at eSusFarm on their website, on contact Watson on his email address Both Watson Matsa and Dr Thula Sizwe Dlamini can be found on LinkedIn and

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