We know that a holistic, ecosystem approach with deep collaborations and partnerships will yield the necessary transformation across AgriFood value chains on the continent.

FoodMakers Africa provides partners with unparalleled access to bold, dynamic innovators and innovative businesses in South Africa and Africa. 




FMA Impact Partnerships are premised on a shared belief that AgriFood innovation is a critical catalyst to unlocking the vast potential of Africa, and positioning it to claim it’s rightful place as the next major frontier. They are premised on a common understanding that AgriFood innovation is a crucial tool for meeting some of the most pressing UN Sustainable Development Goals, and achieving our developmental aspirations as a continent.

Impact Partnerships involve the sponsorship of entrepreneurs across agriculture and food value chains from farm to fork, whose profile, solutions or products align with the goals and objectives of the partner. This sponsorship goes towards seed investment for the business, as well as custom business development and product development content, mentorship and consulting from experts globally, for the purposes of building and scaling beneficiary businesses.

The AgFoodNXT programme, powered by Sw7 is a virtual innovation programme

that is delivered through a network of AgriFood and innovation experts globally, who operate as business development mentors.  This is coupled with technical support through product development partnerships with technical partners in the locations where cohorts are based.

Our unique combination of local technical capabilities, and virtual business development content and mentorship, enables us to deliver effective support to cohorts at any scale and in any location. In this way, partners can sponsor any number of businesses from as little as 1, based on available budgets and scope of impact desired.

The Sw7 platform leverages close to 10 years of experience accelerating technology businesses. It offers tools that enables entrepreneurs to build and scale their businesses. Sw7 is built with data analytics in mind to enable sponsors and other partners to monitor impact measures in real time and co-create the resources that will help deliver the desired results.


Gain first insight into emerging trends in AgriFood innovation from farm to fork


Transform your supply chain, and and diversify it, while making it resilient.


Position yourself in the market as a pioneer and leader in AgriFood innovation


Co-create the largest BD resource base for AgriFood businesses in Africa


Preferential access to a vetted pool of early stage investment opportunities


Identify innovation partners and foster an internal culture of innovation


Attract exceptional talent from a pool of inspired entrepreneurs.


Grow brand equity among customers, and engage with the digital generation


Contribute to job creation and Socio-economic empowerment in South Africa


Advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals 1, 2, 5, 8, 9 and 12 in Africa.

We would be delighted to partner with you


  • If you are an AgriFood Corporation who believes that the inclusion of Smallscale and community farmers in your value chain is a critical part of the sustainability of your business model in Africa, and would like to use innovative approaches supported by technology to do this. 
  • If you are a socially responsible corporation who believes that advancing Small-scale AgriFood producers is an opportunity to address some of our Socio-economic challenges. 
  • If you are a private or institutional investor who see the commercial potential of a thriving AgriFood Ecosystem and are keen to explore opportunities for Impact Investment. 


  • If you are active in the AgriFood innovation ecosystem and would like to network and collaborate to achieve our shared vision of a thriving sector that is not only transformed, inclusive and sustainable, but also resilient against the impact of climate change 
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