We believe that remarkable solutions are created when great entrepreneurs, with shared purpose, take action together. 


A resource hub and peer-to-peer community hosted on Sw7, that includes a curated range of tools, templates, webinars, workshops and virtual meetings for agripreneurs to build and scale their businesses. 


Complete your business scorecard online and receive immediate insights on what you need to do next & how to take your business forward.  

Create greater focus, accountability and transparency for your team around priorities and outcomes by setting, prioritising and sharing your strategic sales goals and metrics in your private workspace.

An overview of your Product Market Fit, Business Viability, Scale and Execution with a user friendly dashboard. 

Auto-generate business development material like Investor, and Go-To-Market Pitch Decks. 

An outcomes based approach focused on actions that drive towards growing your business. 

Make your business more investible and sustainable by building confidence into your sales projections as you track the progress of your strategic goals (OKRs) with a Business Dashboard.

Shared insights and learnings in a peer-to-peer collaborative commons approach that bring knowledge and experience. 

Curated and customized networking with industry and funding/investment partners.


Innovation Cohorts funded through Impact Partnerships, to build and scale Agribusinesses, with the intent of maximizing their impact on Small-Scale agrifood production and the food system. 

 Agripreneurs are recruited or selected from the Open Community following specific criteria that align with the objectives of the Impact Partner. They are then given Seed Investment, customized business development and product development content, as well as business and product mentorship. 



FoodMakers Africa is an AgriFood network that seeks to leverage technology and innovation to advance small-scale producers in Africa.
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Sw7 is a digital-first virtual acceleration platform that hosts tools and resources to support entrepreneurs with business and product development.
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African Greeneurs. A division of EARN, which operates an intensive farming incubator from their commercial greenhouse farms.
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